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BettaSensing is developing a flavor fingerprint technology. Photo: Mathilde Kræmer.

2021.03.18 | Talent development

Flavor recognition technology on its way to the market. Is your startup company next?

How do we know, if our food tastes good, or if it has already gone bad? The startup BettaSensing has created an innovative flavor recognition technology for the food industry. Last year, the company took part in the EIT Food entrepreneurship program Seedbed, which in Denmark is based at the Department of Food Science (AU FOOD) at Aarhus…

It is possible to boost cucumber production with the right combination of UV-B and monochromatic light. This is the conclusion of a new study from, among others, Aarhus University. Photo: Carl-Otto Ottosen.

2021.03.18 | Research news

Carefully composed lighting should boost future cucumber production

The right mix of the ultraviolet radiation UV-B and monochromatic light, i.e. light with only one wavelength, can boost germination of our cucumber plants - and thus reduce the total production time. This is the conclusion of a new study by researchers from Aarhus University, among others. This knowledge is particularly important in the "vertical…

2021.03.03 | Publication

Utilising our senses is critical to the design of future healthy food

Sight, smell, taste, touch, or hearing - all our senses come to play when we perceive and respond to food products, and finally when we make the food choice. This is the core of sensory science, which can be used to make our food choices healthier. The innovative research in the field carried out by Aarhus University is featured in a new book,…

Photo: Colourbox

2021.02.25 | Seminar

A successful green transition demands a new food systems approach

We need to move beyond simple linear cause-effect relations of food production and consumption and take a more holistic view, a so-called food systems approach, for the green transition to be successful. This was the common denominator at the first CiFOOD Conference at Aarhus University, which took place online in the beginning of February.

2021.01.19 | Research news

Why do foods with the red colorant norbixin fade?

The seeds from the exotic annatto tree contain the red colorant norbixin, which can be used to add color to a wide range of foods, including cheddar cheese, but the color tends to fade. Researchers from the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University have now come closer to understanding the mechanisms behind the loss of color. This has been…

2021.01.19 | Events

Virtual dining put to the test at ReThink Eating 2020

Foodies from all over the world gathered for the virtual ReThink Eating Conference 2020, which took place in the beginning of December. The interactive event concluded with an untraditional experimental conference dinner with an unusual cocktail of cheese tasting, storytelling, music and drawing.


2020.12.16 | Awards

AU students secure victory at international entrepreneurship competition

A multidisciplinary team of student entrepreneurs from Aarhus University has just won an international competition focused on novel, sustainable food systems, organized by the European Knowledge Innovation Community EIT Food. They have created a sound business model for a new company, “The first aid kitchen”, and developed their first prototype, a…

Photo: Pure Algae

2020.11.25 | Talent development

AU FOOD helps seaweed technology closer to the market - and will welcome more startups

The company Pure Algae started back in 2018 based on a master's thesis. Today, it is a company with eight employees and an almost fully developed technology for land-based production of seaweed. Pure Algae is among the participants in the EIT Food entrepreneurship programme Seedbed, which in Denmark is based at AU FOOD – the Department of Food…

Photo: Qian Janice Wang

2020.11.20 | Conference

Interactive conference on novel eating experiences

Inspired by the widespread use of technology in the context of COVID-19, Assistant Professor Qian Janice Wang from the science team Food Quality Perception and Society at the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University is hosting a virtual, interactive conference out of the ordinary. The first ReThink Eating Conference 2020 takes place online on…

Photo: Colourbox

2020.11.12 | Research news

Grant of DKK 2.8 mill. for new project on plant-based diets

Assistant Professor Martin Krøyer Rasmussen from the Department of Food Science receives DKK 2.8 mill. from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for a project that will investigate micro-RNAs in plant-based diets. It is an area that is not very well understood, but which can have a very big impact on our health.

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