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2019.05.28 | Education news

iFOOD Center Leader to head UN SDG network at AU

New Foods for Physical and Mental Well-Being is working with a wide range of international partners to conduct research on and develop sustainable food production, with the specific purpose of improving the well-being of disadvantaged citizens. The project is headed by Professor Milena Corredig who is the centre director of Aarhus University’s…

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2019.05.10 | Positions

Two positions available in the Ifood platform of food packaging

Do you want to join the Ifood Team?

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2019.05.03 | Research

Grass protein in foods – just around the corner, or?

Recent years have witnessed a major focus on replacing animal protein in foods by plant-based alternatives, and proteins is a key focus area for iFOOD in the years to come. Soya protein in particular is popular in various products. However, Danish grassland areas might be a useful protein source for human food. Researchers from Aarhus University…