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2021.10.06 | Events

A sustainable food future begin with taste experiences in social contexts

Researchers and practitioners were gathered at the Creative Tastebuds conference to discuss how our sense of taste can help ensure new and more sustainable food choices. One of the main points made at the conference was that a sustainable food future begin with taste experiences in social contexts.

2021.09.17 | Research news

Researchers want to make sustainable choices and disposal of food packaging easier

Consumers are confused about how to dispose food packaging in a sustainable way. In a new project, researchers want to change this with science-based campaigns, providing the information needed to make the right choice.

2021.07.15 | Events

Meet the researchers at Food Week in Aarhus

Cell-based meat and milk, edible insects, sustainable food packaging, future protein crops and vegetable growth in salty soils - you can learn more about these topics, when researchers from Aarhus University take part in Food Week on 13-15 August.

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Fri 01 Oct
00:00-00:00 | Online
EIT RIS Programme: WE Lead
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Wed 03 Nov
14:00-15:00 | Online
The digital food consumer: the role of interactive communication technology in consumers’ everyday lives
Get an insight into consumers’ use of digital tools in their everyday food practices, and some insights on digital opportunities and critical reflections. Join CiFOOD Free Wednesday webinar to learn more
Wed 01 Dec
14:00-15:00 | Online
Hot air and hot water pretreatment of fresh fruit and vegetables to reduce food waste
Want to know more about the systemic challenges of food waste along the postharvest supply chain? Join CiFOOD Free Wednesday Webinar