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2021.05.12 | Research news

Researchers map initiatives against waste in the food chain

A new DCA report maps the latest Danish and international research on initiatives to reduce food waste and food loss. The study is based on results with strong evidence and relevance in a Danish context, and it emphasizes the first four steps in the food value chain: primary production, industry, retail and the service sector.

2021.05.10 | Research news

Significant differences between Danishes and Chinese in perception of pleasure after a meal

A cross-cultural study accomplished by Aarhus University and Chinese Academy of Sciences compares the drivers of experienced pleasure after a meal among Danish and Chinese consumers. Such differences are important when companies aim to design new foods to be marketed outside Denmark.

2021.05.05 | Press release

Can x-rays and neutrons solve food-related challenges?

Research collaboration involving experts in food science and experts in advanced neutron and x-ray science shall provide new analytical approaches to study the food-related challenges. The aim is to gain more knowledge on processes affecting quality and safety of food products.


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Wed 02 Jun
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Effects of spectral composition of growth and quality of food crop
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Electrohydrodynamics based Functional Nanofibers as Three-dimensional Nano-Biointerfaces
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How can we disrupt current primary agriculture into a more productive and less polluting system?
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The digital food consumer: the role of interactive communication technology in consumers’ everyday lives
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