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What is CiFOOD?

The Center for food innovation is a thematic Center at Aarhus University that aims at developing new ideas and research directions to future proof our food  systems. 

Towards a more sustainable food system

Humanity is faced with tremendous challenges as we need to produce better, safe,  nutritious and affordable food while reducing the stresses we are causing to our planet resources. Less food waste, malnutrition and overnutrition, more transparent value chains, an increased circularity of the food systems have to be addressed with innovative approaches that require new fundamental collaborative and multidisciplinary research.  

What CiFOOD does

CiFOOD is an interdisciplinary center that embraces many different aspects of innovative food research at Aarhus University. CiFOOD carries out research, innovation and talent development within fields along the food supply chain – from innovative production of raw materials to consumer science and health aspects, and facilitate dissemination of the newest knowledge within these areas.

The Center fosters collaboration between disciplines and acts as a bridge with a new vision by brining together researchers and innovators from academia, research institutes and industry. Please join us,  inspire and get inspired!

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