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AU FOOD researcher receives Young Scientist Research Award

Mario M. Martinez from the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, receives the prestigious Young Scientist Research Award from the Cereals & Grains Association for his outstanding work on food carbohydrate polymers that can be used for creating healthy and sustainable solutions.

Photo: Eugene Dust

Mario M. Martinez, Assistant Professor at the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, receives the Young Scientist Research Award from the Cereals & Grains Association.

The award is presented to an individual for outstanding contributions in basic and applied research to cereal and grain science with the expectation that contributions will continue.

- The Young Scientist Research Award is one of the best possible recognitions of my work from fellow researchers. When I joined the Cereals & Grains Association as a student, I never thought about the possibility of receiving this award. My warmest thanks to the Cereals & Grains Association and to everybody that has helped me in my professional growth, says Mario M. Martinez.

The research of Mario M. Martinez focuses on the structure, hydrodynamics and interactions of carbohydrate polymers and their structural modification through process-intensifying technologies.

- In the future, we will urgently need affordable and safe foods that account for both the increase in diet-related chronic diseases as well as the environmental impact. My research is essentially about understanding plant foods and transforming food and agricultural polymeric streams into healthy and sustainable raw materials for the food and packaging industries, Mario M. Martinez says.

The Cereals & Grains Association motivates the choice of Mario M. Martinez with his numerous competitive grants and publications in highly cited scientific journals within the fields of food and polymer science, reflecting his outstanding scholarship.

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Mario Martinez-Martinez, Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, e-mail: mm@food.au.dk - mobile: +4522406595.