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WG and common goals

WORKING GROUPS all focused on common goals:

  • Opportunities to improve people’s health status; maintain-improve their cognitive performance; through food
  • Discover the mechanisms of how food can deliver benefits beyond nutrition
  • Understand the social and physical challenges that should be resolved to ensure proper nutrition for all
  • Build new cross faculty competences
  • Build new international connections with similar and complementary expertise
  • Develop new methodologies
  • Train highly qualified talent focused on SDG goals
  • Understand socio economic context
  • Food no longer only delivers bucket of nutrients and calories
  • Performance food
  • Food products, diets, complexities, social and digital solutions bring health and well being
  • SDG goals in the research and innovation agenda
  • Leadership in innovation for food and health
  • Strong connection with stakeholders
  • Influence policies
  • Provide research evidence for new food development
  • Delivery of the right function at the right time through food.